Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big and Messy

Yummy Italian Bread made this Bkfst Dinner sandwich a winner. Perfectly cooked flat and crispy bacon. Hot sausage and lettuce to cool. Cheddar cheese and two egg whites cooked in bacon grease with chopped scallions, black pepper and garlic mixed in. Fried to a crispy texture and pressed of grease with paper towels before adding to sandwich. If only tomatoes were in season I'd have had that on here too. The toated It Bread crumbles and flakes away so I used a dish towel to catch the debris. That's good bkfst.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tuning in a recipe for the egg white thingies im eating on sandwiches these days

I gotta have my tots. Get them frozen. Put them right on the toaster oven rack. 375 degrees for 18 min. Turn each one once. Be careful! another 15 min and there done.

I have to say that mushrooms have been missing from so many dishes. I decided to sear a few chopped mushies in some olive oil with a dash of soy sauce and some fine chopped onion complete with stalks. I added this to the egg whites along with fresh cracked black pepper, Lawrys Garlic Salt and some of last years dried and ground pepper mix that I put in everything from popcorn to soups and salads. I think hot pepper is one of the best things you can be eating if your systems allows for it. I think it keeps you slim and encourages timely eviction of the last bkfsts tennants.
This time I used the bacon grease on low medium heat to sear two cd sized egg white whatevers. Maybe I'll make my own name for this concoction. Is it an omlette? I don't scramble. I cook one side very well and then flip and mash. I want them thin and crispy, not fluffy and lite. Cook thoroughly and then transfer to plastic plate(for heats sake) and smash between two paper towels folded twice. Remove unwanted calories/grease where you can. This sucker has bacon, butter, jimmy deans hot sausage, lettuce and fresh oregano to compliment the soft mozzarella. I think I threw in a slice of crumbly cheddar to ward off the sausage from the bottom slice.

That's two sandwiches kiddies. I love the blues clues plate. It's one of my favs.

There's another bkfst for ya. Had this one for dinner. Then collapsed and my breathing slowed considerably.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

And so begins a tale of bkfst from home and the road

Big Fun. There's a lottza goodness in there. I have to say I never understood eggs but I gave them a try last month and they changed breakfast forever. (well, minus the yolks .......)